Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last batch of homemade cards for customers & a few family Christmas pics......
This is the last two Christmas gift orders.  The order was  for a set of matching cards with 2 of each of the following; birthday, sympathy, wedding, thank you & Just because/hello/thinking of you type.  Once I came up with the "theme" of the sets, it was really quite easy to design each card.  The theme was obviously buttons.  It took alot of buttons to complete these two sets! 

The color is right in the picture of the card bundles and the individual shots of each card, 
but the ones where they are all laying on the table, the color is definitely off.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Strictly cards today!  These were all Christmas orders.  If you remember the first batch of homemade goodies I posted about a month ago, well here they are, plus the ones on this current post and a few more that I neglected to photograph were placed in this very large box.  This person had one heck of a Christmas, she shouldn't need to buy cards for several months!


later today, the last two sets of cards that were Christmas gifts and some Christmas pictures.