Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nothing new here, just trying to get into the normal swing of things with school. We have a full plate with volleyball, kindergarten & 8th grade. I thought I would have all day to "play" in the scrapbook stuff, but I don't think I have even touched it since last Sat. when I went with my friends to scrap at a local store. I have spent my days cleaning everything in sight and doing more laundry than any one person should ever do! I have even been washing windows! yuck!

So since I haven't created anything new this week, I am posting a few things from the last couple months. Enjoy!

Techniques used: Liquid chalk distressing, stamping & layered stamping (CTMH)

Techniques used: Chalk distressing, stamping, heat embossing with clear and silver embossing powders (CTMH) & edge distresser (CTMH)

Techniques used: Stamping, chalk distressing, watercolor pencils (CTMH) & Water brush (CTMH)

Techniques used: ink distressing (CTMH)
(left pg of 2 page layout)

Techniques used: Ink distressing (CTMH)
(right pg of 2 page layout)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Twas the night before school and all through the were crying, some were hungry, mom was stressed, clothes were all in a big pile and well you get the picture. :-)

Actually things went pretty smoothly this evening. We had open house at school, took all the supplies and saw gobs of people that I went to school with. It was really weird. I used to pass them in the halls on my way to health class, now I'm passing them in the hall on the way to meet my daughters health class teacher! Seems strange.

A big bowl of Rice Krispies made everyone happy and we all settled ours heads for a long fall nap. Except me..I'm sitting here talking to you.

A couple of things before I go, today is my nephew Tony's 18th Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Megan....Addie.......Grace.... Tony ....& Kari.......I hope you have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow. May your teachers be awesome, your books be light and your faculty meetings SHORT! hahaha


Friday, August 15, 2008

WOW, Time is flying by! Just so everyone knows I'm still kickin' here's what I have been up to......

Welcome to the World John Marcus........

Products used include water color pencils, stamps, liquid glass, coluzzle file folder and lots & lots of cutting!

Happy Birthday Helen..................

Products & techniques used: Dry embossing, stamping, stamp rolling & ink distressing.

This is the first order this customer had placed with me and I put these really cute flowers on and delivered them. Next day customer called and flowers had fell off the card! How embarrassing! Live & learn I guess....I liquid glassed them on this time...those suckers won't ever come off again!

Happy Birthday Ann........

Products & techniques used: Dry embossing, liquid glass & stamping.

Happy Anniversary Ann & Don..........

Products & techniques used: Heat/powder embossing, dry embossing & lots of sanding!

Lots more to come, just takes a while to upload everything!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I kind of have a running joke about an Easter page I have been wanting to make. For those of you who haven't heard it, here's a little background.

I saw this layout on Ebay one night and I fell in love with it. I had to have it. It ended with many bids and it was several hundred dollars..way out of my league! But I thought if I saved a picture of it, one day I could re-create it. So I started shopping for the perfect embellishments and papers. It seemed as tho every time I went to the store I caught myself saying "oh, this would be perfect on that Easter page" or " ah ha! This is the paper that was on that Easter page I'm going to make."

Well fast forward 6-8 months and I decided yesterday was the day. I pulled out all my stuff I had been squirreling away and this is the stack of product I had.....ridiculous isn't it. I had enough stuff to complete a years worth of scrapbooking and I was planning on putting it on 2 pages..HA!

After several hours of burning the midnight oil I have completed the journey. I am tickled pink with the pages and mine didn't cost nearly what the one on ebay went for, oh no it was way more expensive.....hehehe. Ah the things we do to document the past for the future.

j. most of you that means some of us with young children that means money...lots and lots of money! And guess what??? My beautiful 6 year old loves BAB! Some of you are still probably wondering what the heck I'm talkin' bout! Build-a-B**r! For her birthday she received a gift "coupon" in the mail. It was good for one FREE Bear valued at $12.00. HA! We now own the aforesaid bear and it cost $31.00 with the coupon! I guess $31.00 isn't bad, it's the sales tactics once you get in the store that bother us parents. They ask the "child" if they want a Well what the heck do you think a 6 year old is going to say? YEAH! Then it's up to us mean old parents to break the child's heart in half and leave crying.

ok, maybe it's not that bad, it was a good trip and Addie thoroughly enjoyed it. So everyone is HAPPY! I wouldn't have spent my Sunday any other way. :-)


Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have been busy creating new artwork! This layout was in a magazine and I knew the moment I saw it that I had to re-create it for my book! I was very pleased with the outcome. The focus is really on the great picture. The ribbon was all scrap pieces from my junk jar, they are about 2" long. I temporarily attached them with glue dots. After the border was on, I used my sewing machine to permanently attach them to the card stock. The "Family" letters are chipboard that has been painted with making memories paint and pearl glaze. Rhinestones accent each letter. The flower is also pearl glazed. This layout and the previous birthday layout are a little out of my normal box. My layouts are normally very cluttered and lots of "stuff" on them. These were very simple clean layouts. Sometimes it's good to do something out of the box, it helps you to grow as an artist!


Happy Birthday to you......

We celebrated Addie's 6th Birthday today. We went to the local pool, then out for pizza, cake and presents! The top presents this year was a barn with horses playset, baby doll bed and
polly pocket stuff. I am actually ahead of myself today, as I made the scrapbook layout for her birthday picture last week! Strange...I know! I have pics from 5 years ago that haven't even been printed out, much less a page made for them!

It was an easy layout to put together but it involved a lot of stamping! Each date circle was stamped on 2 different colored sheets of paper. I then used the Coluzzle to cut the whole stamped image out of one piece of paper and only the outer ring of numbers was cut out on the other sheet. Then they were layered together to make one circle. As you can see I did that 13 times! (If your keeping track that's 26 stamped images and 26 Coluzzle circles! Time consuming, but what else do I have to do at 3:00 AM???