Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I had a great date this weekend. John and I had to do some birthday shopping for Addie and we headed straight for the really cool toy store at Crown Center. Who's birthday is it?

Anyway, we had fun playing with all the new toys and we got to eat at our favorite restaurant Kabuki. Their food is amazing, I am totally in love with the Avocado rolls, Tempura and the California Rolls! I decided to take my camera this time and document the trip. Sometimes we just have to be silly and this was one of those moments. I think several people thought we were nuts taking pictures of each of the dishes that came to the table. But it was a lot of fun and it's going to make a great scrapbook page!

We then headed over to Streetside Records to trade in a couple of old cd's for a new good cd. John has a love & appreciation for music that is beyond explanation. Lucky for me he has introduced me to many different musical interests or I would still be listening to 1980 make-up bands. (not that that's a bad thing)

I took some really great shots of him in the store checking out some posters. I can't wait to do something with them in scrapbook form.

Rock on and long live big hair bands! :-)


Friday, July 25, 2008

And the winner is........Jo who posted at 2:15 AM! We were both up at the same time, we should have had a party! :-) Thanks to all of you who took the time to post.

It was weird to open the blog this morning and know someone took the time to read my daily silly ramblings! Now I will worry about spell-check! haha Have a great weekend and here's one for the road..........

Happy Friday! Well almost.... I got several things done that were on my list. Then I added two new things! My "side" business of creating personal one-of-a-kind cards & invitations is doing pretty well. I just never know when I am going to get an order and for how many?! Once it was 200 invitations and by the way they needed them in about a week and 1/2. Then the next time it's two personalized cards and the customer doesn't need them for 2-3 weeks! Which means I always have to be ready!

On a happy note....have you ever had one of those moments, when a lot of hard work has paid off and you get a really nicely written thank you note that just means soooooo much! Well I got one today. The people I referenced above, that ordered 200 invitations, sent me a thank you note and said several people at the party commented on how nice the invitations were! It's so nice to hear good things & it just makes my day HAPPY!

Take some time this weekend and make something that makes you happy! The picture this time is something that makes me and my 5 year old HAPPY. We call it "Hanger ART". When I put away the laundry she hangs out on the "big bed" and creates free form creations with all, and I do mean ALL the hangers out of mom and dad's closet. I am just so happy that she has an imagination and wants to "create"! Like mother like daughter!

Till next time....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good morning!

Today is going to be busy, orders to deliver, people to call, need to order pictures...the list goes on and on. (Not to mention the laundry pile goes on and on.) Hopefully somewhere in there I can find time to sit on my new patio furniture. Hobby Lobby had summer furniture marked way down this week and I was able to purchase a bench, coffee table, two chairs and two small corner tables for $150! They look so cute on my front patio. (Thank you Mom and Dad!) Oh ya, add "find cushions" to that "to-do" list! I better get busy. Today's picture is of my Dad playing with a Western Union clock. I feel it's appropriate because time is slipping away from me and I have so much to do.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

ok well apparently "blogging" is something that I am going to have to work into the schedule! Just to start off for first time readers I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful daughters. In a few short days by baby will start kindergarten and then the house will be really really quiet from 8-3! My hobbies are scrapbooking/paper crafts & reading. I sell Close to my Heart scrapbooking and stamping supplies to support by paper crafting addiction! Here's a pic of one of my recent gift projects and another of a card I made with the July Stamp of the Month. Till next time.......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello World!

Well it's official I have joined the "blogging world". I feel so technologically advanced. Silly me. Anyway, this is my space, to share, be happy, be sad, post anything and everything I am doing. Maybe share a picture or two of things I have created! I can really do all that? This is so cool!

All this thinking has made me tired. I will start fresh tomorrow!