Saturday, April 25, 2009

!!!!! SPRING !!!!!

All of these pics were taken at a local Nursery. Hilltop Farms just east of Dover Mo. They have the most beautiful home/farm/nursery. Mom and I love to drive down there. They have created this waterfall that is actually 3 waterfalls, two ponds, 3 bridges, a deck and a gazebo! It is amazing! When all the plantings come alive around the pond it is really something to see, and it's only about 10 min east of Lexington on 24 highway. (very easy to find)

Finally I think spring might actually be here. I am taking a chance and planting flowers. I will either have gorgeous flowers by the middle of May or I am gluten for punishment and they will die in a frost. I will remain hopeful!!!

For Earth Day this week, Addie had to create a recycled item. This is her egg carton flower bed. We used the lid for the "water tray", pieces of cardboard shipping box for the labels, and throw away scrap paper for the name tags and butterflies. Very cute & Eco friendly at the same time!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Kid using her Noodle!!!

Mom's soooooo proud!!!!! Good job Megan!!!